Recommendations from clients:

"Exceptional service, she sets the standard for accommodations away from home, and rolls out the VIP treatment to make you feel "special."
     -Cheryl Lee Shannon
      Judge, 305th District Court, Dallas, Texas

I found the service to be extremely warm and courteous and I would not hesitate to recommend "Ms. Concierge" to a friend or business associate."
     -Patrick Orr     Top Life Television Prod. Ltd.
      Exec. Producer      Ottawa, Canada

Ms. Concierge is on the money and really knows her business."
     -Cynthia Shelby-Lane M.D.
      Second Opinion Producer, Southfield, Michigan

Over the past few years, I have stayed in some of the finest hotels...thanks to her prompt and professional service, we made it to our meeting on time and with minimal stress...thank you, Joyce.  Your motto...service: first and fast!..."
     -Sheila Griffie     V.P. Sales and Marketing
      WYND Communications, San Luis Obispo, CA

"A very personable individual.  She went the second and third mile, not just doing what was required of her but went for beyond what was expected.  She's a very gracious and pretty woman whose "personality" serves her and the public very well..."
     -William R. "Bill" Miller Asst. Treasurer Finance
       DFW Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Clearly well informed, and versed in researching any necessary information, Ms. Concierge is very intelligent, charming and she possesses strong interpersonal skills."
     -Dorit B. Whiteman Ph.D.     Hollis Hollis, NY